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Alain Mussard
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Alain was born in 1955 in ‘La Sarthe’ department not far from Normandy where he often came on holiday with his parents. It was his father who first introduced him to this very special and historical area.

He was educated in Nantes University, Brittany and graduated from there in English. Much later he passed a degree in Tourism and became a guide-interpreter. He also lived for one year in Lincoln, England and another year in Limerick, Ireland.
He spent most of his career in National Education teaching English to children aged from eleven to fifteen years old. When he left this profession he did various jobs ranging from a receptionist in a three star hotel to a commercial worker.
It was always his ambition to be a guide so he is very happy to embark on this new adventure with Overlordtour.
He has been interested in the two great Wars ever since childhood. His father told him of how his grandfather cried while he was standing at his gate watching the Germans driving through his village. His grandfather was later gassed during WWI but miraculously managed to survive.
In January 1941 his father, aged nineteen, fled France which had at that point been divided into two zones: the occupied and the free. In the hope of joining General de Gaulle and the Free French Forces in London to continue the fight against Nazi Germany my father and a friend secretly crossed this border to reach Marseilles (a harbor on the Mediterranean Sea).
With the help of fake identity papers they then enrolled at Marseilles in an engineers outfit (the 31st ‘train des equipages’) to serve in the overseas territory of North Africa in the French Army. They always kept in mind the possibility of reaching Great Britain but their journey then took them to Casablanca, Morocco.
After 6 months in Casablanca my father and his childhood friend parted company; later my father was seriously injured and nearly had his leg amputated. He was shipped back to Sicily after the landing of the Allied forces in Italy.
My father’s childhood friend went on to take part in the Landing in the South of France with the French First Army of General de Latte de Tassigny. He went all he way to Berlin.
My father, who was of the quiet sort, never talked a lot about this period. Eventually a book was written by his friend who related his memories in Morocco, France and Germany from 1941 to 1945.


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Overlordtour Alain Mussard
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My father (on the right) wih his chilhood friend (on the left).
My father’s childhood friend in Berlin in 1945.
In the background,my father is the one who raises his hat.