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We work regularly with travel agents and provide extra information to help them build up a holiday package for their clients. We discuss travelling schedules, itineraries and special needs. We call you during your office hours to finalize all the necessary details in a more efficient manner. We are accustomed to cater for VIP families and larger groups.

We do not commission travel agents, nor do we apply discounts outside those we apply for all, but we send an invoice, giving them the opportunity to then add their fees onto their clients’ final bill (see payment terms below).

I recommend you download and print our “Summarized details of all tours” flyer to provide a quick and precise answer to any new inquiries for a guided tour of the Normandy D-Day sites.
Click here to view in Pdf - Click here to download the printable file

Make note of OUR NEW TOUR 2FS: a round trip from Paris for a full day tour on the American Beach sector, which should prove very popular with your clients staying in Paris.

If you are still undecided whether Overlordtour is the right choice for your clients do not hesitate to browse our Tripadvisor webpage

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Payment terms for travel agents:

Overlordtour Contact the staff


By providing your credit card details, it is understood that you have read and agreed to our cancellation policy, indicated in our website http://www.overlordtour.com/overlordtour-faq.html in section 14 which states that we will use said details to charge your card in case of:

- late cancellation: 100% of our fee will be charged if notice falls under 7 days before the tour.
(Please note that the “Notice date” is the date on which we receive this notice so be aware of time difference between countries)

- "no-show": 100% of our fee will be charged if you do not present yourself on time for the beginning of the tour. Our tours are tightly scheduled and it would be unfair to rush the rest of the group, so please be mindful of walking or driving distances to RDV point if on a regular tour. For private tours, “no-show” is understood as you are not there when the guide presents himself/herself for pick-up, due to last minute unforeseen problem.

Would anything happen that incur a late cancellation or tardiness we urge you to contact us immediately:
+33 789 00 28 41

Cancellation made more than 7 days before the date of the tour will not incur any charge.
We ask for credit card details to finalize a booking and below are our regular Terms and Conditions.

For travel agents, two options are available:

You can decide that the client pays for his own tour in Euro Cash as we ask our other clients.
Or, we can invoice you and your professional card will be pre-charged 7 days before the date of the date, date until which cancellation doesn’t incur any charge but after which the amount is due in full.



Phone: +33 (0) 789 00 28 41
Email: office.overlordtour@orange.fr
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