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Overlordtour - Tour from Ports

Our “Tour from Port” is specially designed to accommodate cruise line passengers

We wait for cruise line passengers at 8am and provide transportation from the cruise line dock through the Norman countryside to the D-Day sites or other locations of interest. We provide a guided tour on the sector you have selected at the time of your booking and provide a memorable day for all! We then return you safely to your docking port for 5.30/6pm in time for your dinner on board your cruise liner.


For those of you who arrive in Normandy by Cruise line... let us show you all of the key D-Day Battlefields, door to door, or rather dock to dock, from your cruise liner in the Ports of LeHavre, Cherbourg, and Honfleur!

Our “Tour from Port” is a private tour, for up to 8 people per minivan. We also offer a Group Tour 9B from Port, this tour is conducted, depending on demand, in either our Mercedes seating 19 people or our Coach “Grand Tourisme” seating up to 49 people.

We recommend you inquire as soon as possible even if your party only counts a few people at this time, as “cruise arrival dates” are filling up very quickly. We will help you consolidate your numbers with incoming inquiries. Cruise Critic is also a good website to place an ad and advertise your tour.

Overlordtour - Tour from Ports
Overlordtour - Tour from Ports


You can let our guide take you on one of our impressive inland tours of the Battleground where the Allied liberators started their massive invasion, or you can design a tour yourself to suit your own interests and needs - and we will follow your lead! Our booking administrator will help you build an itinerary around the sites you wish to see and check, with you, feasibility in time and distance. Do browse our website for inspiration. You can, of course, simply base your tour on one of our regular group tours.

Our guides are entirely at your disposal, and, for example, you can structure your tour to see the famous medieval town of Bayeux that became the first French capital after the Invasion, and while you are there you can see the panoramic and famous Tapestry of Bayeux that is on display there. Or, you can structure your tour to visit Normandy’s crown jewel, Mont-Saint-Michel, or the charming port of Honfleur. Be mindful of the driving distances between your cruise port and the sites you wish to visit. We would be delighted to check feasibility in time and distance for any itinerary you have in mind. The choice will be difficult, no doubt, as you won't be able to see all what Normandy has to offer in one day. But we will ensure that this will be a day to remember!

Most of our cruise line clients are American/British/Canadian, and desire to focus their tour on the American/British/Canadian Battlefields of Normandy. If this is so, below is a suggested itinerary from your cruise port.

Tour Rates

Pick-up at the docking port is at the Arrival Terminal - Our vans are easily recognizable as they clearly show our logo.
Le Havre – 8.00am to 5.30/6pm : 980 Euros
Honfleur – 8.00am to 5.30/6pm : 980 Euros
Cherbourg – 8.00am to 5.30/6pm : 980 Euros

Our fees include: any additional mileage, motorway tolls.Our fees do not include: entrance fee to museum if you decide to visit one, nor your lunch.
Please Note: The above quotes are for up to 8 people (maximum per a van).
Our Tour from Port is a private tour, therefore you are accountable for the full amount regardless of the number of people eventually boarding the tour.
Therefore we strongly recommend you secure prior payment from your guests.
Cruise Critic is a great website to advertise your tour, if you still have vacant seats. We will also put you in touch with "lone travelers" who will gratefully join an existing tour!

Sample Tour schedule from Le Havre:

Pick up at your ship in the port at 8:00 AM. Arrival at 9:30 AM at your first stop- the Battery of Longues sur Mer. These huge guns are not to be missed!

Next, continuing in the morning, we will visit the historic and moving beach at “Bloody Omaha” and the American Cemetery at Coleville sur Mer, overlooking Omaha Beach. These are sights that no American should miss!

Next, we will stop and visit Pointe du Hoc- where American Rangers courageously scaled sheer cliffs while under constant fire to attack German emplacements.

At noon we will stop for a quick lunch a Saint Mère Eglise, approximately 200 km from the port of Le Havre.

After lunch, we will take you to a 12th century church at Angoville au Plain, where two American paratrooper medics administered life saving aid to a mix of some 80 American and German soldiers wounded during the first day of the Normany Invasion. This village was overrun by troops of both sides several times during D-Day.

Depending on the remaining time available, and your interests, we will take you onto some more key invasion sites for the balance of the day- some of which are only accessible by our guides at Overlordtour!

Regardless of how many destinations and sights that you take in during your tour day, we will safely and comfortably bring you back to your cruise boat at the end of the day.

There, you can share the sights and memories of your day seen in such famous films as “The Longest Day” with your cruise mates who missed one of the most memorable days that only Overlordtours can provide.

Our Tour itineraries are based on your schedule. Departures from cruise lines in the port of Le Havre will allow you more time for our tours during the day since it is close to many of the Battlefield sites. Unfortunately, due to the distance of Cherbourg from the Battlefield areas, you will generally have less time to tour if you need to re-board your ship at the end of the day. But, you can plan accordingly, and we will be happy to accommodate your interests and available time in any way we can.
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Overlordtour - Tour from Ports
Overlordtour - Tour from Ports
Overlordtour - Tour from Ports
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